Hurricane Irma

After a natural disaster like hurricane Irma, it is hard to assess the damage left behind. Not only are there physical damages to our person, property and utilities, there are also psychological damages that will take time to reconcile.

Our neighborhoods are in disarray, with some houses and vegetation seeming “broken-into” and some neighbors just seeming “broken.” Some were fortunate enough to vacate the premises but they were unable to collect enough gas and were trapped in the midst of the bumper-to-bumper throngs of vehicles carrying generators and empty 1-gallon drum containers. At the time of the hurricane, as many as 65% of gas stations in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market went out of fuel. The 18+ hours of traffic to leave the state must have seemed endless. Nothing can be more frustrating than being told to evacuate South Florida to then not be provided the fuel needed to proceed.

As terrifying as the panic was surrounding the storm, and rightly so, the consequences of the hurricane are still in-effect. On September 11th alone, more than 12 million residents were without power, and many will remain so for weeks to come. With a total state population of 20 million, according to the United States Census Bureau, this means that on September 11th about sixty percent of the Florida population has zero air conditioning, light, heat, internet, and maybe even running water. However, had Irma stayed a category four, the damage would have been much worse. Many more could have died and the consequences would have been much more heartbreaking than a loss of electricity for a couple of days.

However, residents aren’t the only ones affected by the aftermath of Irma. Supermarkets are in for a tricky situation as well. Even though supermarkets sold out of water and containers in many areas, the damage caused by Irma could offset this momentary profitable burst. The powerful storm destroyed farm fields in its path, flooding vegetable plants and breaking irrigation pipes. Our basic fruits and veggies will possibly be pricier in the upcoming weeks for “everything from tomatoes to orange juice.”

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Hi Thriftsters!

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American Thrift Store Memorial Day

We are coming up on one of the most important American Holidays, Memorial Day, a touching holiday that marks the day when we remember all of those who passed while serving the country. Even though it is a sad ritual, we still carry on the tradition as a way to honor the lives lost. It is a day of remembrance. A day of respect.

It all started with the first American Civil War, when the Union veterans decided to decorate the graves of the Union soldiers with flowers on Decoration Day. By the 20th century, this practice carried on with Memorial Day. With all due respect, American Thrift Stores is proud of the soldiers who served the United States of America and we want to thank them for their service. To those still serving, we thank you for your continued service without which, the United States would not exist, and we would not even be able to call ourselves “American Thrift Stores.”

Memorial Day also unofficially marks the start of summer vacation. For many families, kids finish school around this time of year and begin their summer. In honor of Memorial Day, and to start the exciting summer season, we are offering a major Memorial Day Sale.

Only this Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th, receive a whopping 20% OFF in our entire furniture department plus three color tickets 50% OFF from 10:00A.M. until 5:00 P.M.

And that’s not all. In our continued mission to satisfy our customers, we have extended our store hours by a half hour every day except Sunday. We are committed to improving our stores as evidenced by our rewards program, new a/c units, carpeted floors in Broward and fitting rooms. Please keep the suggestions coming.

For more information about our new hours click here.