Recondition Antique Furniture Pieces

Recondition Antique Furniture Pieces

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Antique Bookcase as a Bar

Find a bookcase you like? Repaint the piece to effectively cover any stains or minor discolorations. Always apply two coats of paint for the best effect. Finish off the job with some wood polish and you have yourself a brand-new bar. That’s right, bar. Check it out above.

Side Tables as Stools

Some of our American Thrift Side Tables have the great makings of a stool. A side table has all the advantages of a chair except you don’t have to pull out the backrest in order to recondition it as a stool. A side table has such a small surface area that it will take less than one gallon of paint to fully cover. This way you can match your furniture set at home- don’t even worry about clashing!

We have a wide variety of round small, tables that are just the perfect size for a makeshift stool!

Antique secretary as a linen closet

An antique secretary can be an excellent touch of elegance for any room, hiding the contents that might not match the décor. Even though typically these were used for books or correspondence, they can be a place of storage for pantry items or even linen and bedding. Essentially, the antique secretary adds class to an otherwise empty hallway or closet and in doing so, retrieving your bedsheets becomes an extravagant experience.

Antique Chest as Coffee Table

Antique chests or suitcases can be easily reconditioned as coffee tables. They are not overly decorated so they really do blend nicely with most furniture pieces. The chest in the image below is very subtle but when gazed upon, it fills guests with intrigue. It invites guests to wonder-what could have been hidden in this chest before? Who owned this suitcase? What mysterious secrets were hidden in this personal storage space of history? And it is a great conversation-starter for any dinner party.



There’s so much you can do with used furniture piece nowadays thanks to all the DIY trends circulating on the web. If you’re looking to redecorate your home with vintage furnishings and unique pieces at thrift store prices, American Thrift gets new furniture loads daily.



Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, the time to celebrate your mothers unconditional love.   You can show your appreciation by choosing the perfect gift for their special day, something to commemorate motherhood. Only now, it’s less than week away. You might start to panic thinking you really don’t know what to get her this year. Have no fear, American Thrift Stores is here!

Whether your mom is the stay-at-home-type or the outdoorsy kind, we’ve got it all. There’s something for everyone at our stores. You don’t have to get your mother same-day flowers, which she will know were bought on Mother’s Day because she is a mother and mothers know everything.

Every mom is so different and special in her own way, there are several suggestions which might personalize your gift so it shows thoughtfulness and most importantly, appreciation of her on her day.

Flowers wilt away within a week, while fake flowers will remain a decoration in the house forever.

We have a wide selection of in-home decorations. As you can see, we even carry fake fruit bowls.  Each of our stores has different merchandise. Just as no two flowers are the exact same, our stores offer different assortment of gifts and treasures in each one. American Thrift Stores also receives merchandise every morning, including this beautiful piece below:

Is purple your mother’s favorite color? She will love this realistic purple flower bouquet. But she will love it even more once you personalize it! Remember, it’s the personal touch that makes thrift store finds into wonderful presents!

Wrap the basket around with a nice, colorful ribbon. Before you wrap it together, throw in some chocolates and a card. Your real handwriting and all the items combined just became your very own, handmade gift basket!

Another gift you almost never go wrong with is jewelry. There is a piece of jewelry at our stores for every style. Whether your mom prefers classic watches or dangly earrings, we have it all. Just check out these conservative pair of earrings:

And now this stunning, exuberant necklace:

Don’t miss out on our jewelry sales, which at times offer precious jewelry at 30% OFF! Especially for this upcoming Mother’s Day.

A painting is also a personable present, because it is a lovely addition to someone’s home. The paintings at our stores range from tropical beaches to modern art pieces with vibrant colors. Make sure you choose something that reflects your mother’s taste, even if it is just because it has her favorite colors. Or you can choose anything that has to do with her interests because it shows her that you listened. For example, this painting of a little village in Europe is a great idea if she often talks about how much she wants to visit one day. If this painting reminds you of her, then it makes for a thoughtful gift. The frames are also important to the piece, so even if you don’t know exactly which art piece she would love, maybe you know which frame would match her furniture. Typically, you want to choose a painting with a dark frame for dark furniture and lighter frame for the lighter tones of furniture pieces. Otherwise the pieces can easily clash if the colors are too dissimilar.

Shoes are both a practical and fashionable purchase. Everyone can always use one more pair of shoes. Not all shoes match every outfit, and this way you can further personalize your present for your mom. Is she a comfort-lover? Does she wear a new pair of heels every Saturday night? Or maybe gold is her favorite color. If so, the designer heels on your right might be the perfect pair. The thing about thrift stores is, we typically have a few pairs of anything “brand-name” at a time. So, hurry up and drop by to find the hidden treasures on our shelves before they’re gone!

All in all, Mother’s Day is a day to show your mother how much she means to you. Although, we can show her some love every day, we use Mother’s Day to go above and beyond. A day to appreciate what she has done for us. One day a year to surpass her routine expectations so that she knows we would be willing to do that for her if she needed it, when she needed it― any day, any time.


7 Tips to Thrift

Shop with a purpose!

Always have an idea of what you are looking for. Even if you are hoping to find a rare treasure amidst the fray, that in itself is a purpose. Keep that in mind when you see the typical accessories you can find at any store. Make sure to visit only the isles of collectible items within the store that will have what you are looking for, if that is that you want.

Do Your Research

If you have an eye for collectibles, make sure you double check its quality first! Turn to your handy dandy smartphone for a simple, quick search on the item in question. That way, you’ll be sure that there’s an opportunity to resell the item or you will know if it will be of value to keep in your collection.

New Merchandise

Find out when the store gets its merchandise. As far as the American Thrift Stores, we receive new merchandise daily. Usually very early in the morning is the best time to view all the new merchandise that the store just received from the night prior. Every day is a new opportunity to find something wonderful.

Recondition when Possible

When it comes to thrift stores, the savviest shoppers know what items can be “updated” to offer more value. An old t-shirt for example, can be repurposed as a scarf with the right cuts. A thick, leather belt can become several new bracelets. Serious “thrifters” also know exactly how to recondition furniture. It is not easy to know when a quick sanding and a new coat of paint will transform a coffee table from “dowdy” to “vintage,” but when you do, you can recondition most anything.

Take Your Time

Thrifting is all about patience. Sometimes you find ten things you needed in a row and sometimes you find one in a hidden corner of the store. Our isles are so huge that not looking through every piece of merchandise would be a waste. You might miss out on the unique jewelry, blouses, pants or brand name items that you would otherwise not find at such low prices.

Take your Senior Citizen to Work Day

Many thrift stores offer senior discounts for senior citizens, and our stores are no different. In fact, we offer a whole senior citizen day every Wednesday and you don’t even have to be a senior to qualify, as long as you are fifty years of age or above you will be able to receive a whole fifty percent off  most store items.

Collect for Collectors

Collectors take “thrifting” very seriously, and that is because they know that collecting can yield high profit margins. If looking for items that collectors would kill for, you would be keen to shop at our American Thrift Stores.  Every day we receive new merchandise that may or may not have incalculable value. Hurry and check out what new merchandise we have in-store today!